Welcome to the BRWA’s Resource page. Here you will find resources about the watershed, our reports, applications, and more. Click on any of the resource images to go directly to that resource page. In the resources table, you can click on the headings of the columns to sort the order of the resources alphabetically, by type (explained below), by year, or file type.

About BRWA: These BRWA resources are about our Alliance — our annual reports, completed financial statements, and other governance-related documents.

Atlas: The Traversing Terrain & Experience Atlas is a publication developed by the Battle River Watershed Alliance.

Maps: Like it sounds, these are all of our maps of both the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds, and beyond!

Paddle Guides: These guides have been created to help novice and expert paddlers alike enjoy the beauty and benefits of our watershed’s water bodies.

Riparian Projects: BRWA projects with local landowners and program partners to help improve the health of our riparian areas across the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds.

Stewardship Tools: Resources to help you make good choice for your land, water, air, and biodiversity. We have collected resources from other organizations, as well as our own.

Watershed Data: These resources will provide you with scientific data about our watersheds.. It supports the information in the “Our Watersheds” section of this website.

Watershed Management: Our Watershed Management Planning Documents include the Background Research reports, Policy Advice, and Implementation Guidelines for each of the 12 completed components.

Youth Programs: These resources relate to all of our youth-based programs and activities, including program manuals and worksheets.