The Battle River Watershed Alliance works to protect watersheds, but we’re not alone. We are grateful for the many individuals, businesses, and organizations who are stewards of this place. There are many opportunities for you or your organization to get involved in stewardship projects or groups that are working to improve and protect the health of our watersheds for us and future generations.

Stewardship Groups

Watershed Stewardship Groups raise awareness and undertake on-the-ground activities to protect and enhance local lakes and streams.

otis awards

The OTIS Award is a way to recognize businesses, organizations, individuals, and youth in the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds who are OutsTanding In Stewardship. Nominate someone you know today!

Susan Ellis receives an OTIS award

Paddle the Battle

What better way to explore your watershed then by with a paddle! Use this guide to find your next great adventure.

Kayak on the Battle River

Want to jump into action?

Follow these 10 suggestions, and you’ll be a hero in your watershed.

An orange and blue list describing watershed stewardship actions

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