Future Farmers for Freshwater is a new project geared towards helping 4-H members learn more about agricultural best management practices for growing food and keeping our water clean.  Not only will the club members be engaged through virtual or in-person presentations and activities, they will also take part in a hands-on community service stewardship project such as a tree planting.

As the future farmers and stewards of our watersheds, we want to help 4-H youth get involved in protecting their watershed while having successful farming businesses and enjoying the benefits of a rural life in our region.

A woman explains the future of farming over a Zoom call

Club Presentations

Hosted virtually or in-person (when possible), 4-H club members will be engaged in learning about an important farming resource – water. From their local watershed and freshwater resources, to agricultural best practices and clean water solutions, members will appreciate their water in a new light, and be primed to take action.

Clubs are also invited to build in extra activity sessions, such as a canoe trip or watershed hike. Register now to sign-up!

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Community Service & Stewardship

Take action to help improve the environment and our freshwater! 4-H clubs will help us plant native trees in a local riparian area (along a river, wetland, or lake). This act will reduce erosion, prevent runoff, and help keep the water cleaner and cooler! We are also open to other stewardship projects, just let us know what you would like to do!

We will work with local landowners for site location and maintenance, and will provide the trees, shovels, and expertise. You provide the extra hands and energy for planting!

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4-H Pillars

The Future Farmers for Freshwater Program has been designed to meets all 4 Leadership Development Pillars of 4-H. Clubs will:

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Program Videos

What does Ag Innovation look like? Why is it important? And what is a Watershed anyway? Watch these videos to find out!

Improving Water Quality Through Agricultural Innovation

A growing population will mean growing demand for food, energy and water

What is a Watershed?

Sponsors and Supporters

We are honored to work with the following partners to bring you this program:

Environment and Climate Change Canada Logo Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society Flagstaff County Logo

Additional Support is coming from our Leadership Team:

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