Waste in our Watershed is a tour of the liquid and solid waste streams in Camrose! Co-hosted by the BRWA and the City of Camrose, this full-day (9 a.m. – 2 p.m.) program is open to all grade 4 students in Camrose. By the end of the day, students understand the waste cycles in Camrose, and are able to take action on water conservation and waste reduction.

Virtual Field Trips

Use our new ERSI Storymaps to take a tour of the Waste in our Watershed!

Share the links (below) with your students to browse, scroll through as a class using your smart board, or invite a member of our team to “zoom” into your class to lead. Sign-up to request a virtual visit!

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Liquid Waste Storymap Tour

Direct link to Liquid Waste Storymap

Solid Waste Storymap Tour

Direct Link to Solid Waste Storymap

We would love to expand this program outside of Camrose!

If you are a school, sponsor, or municipality, who would like to help develop this tour for your community, please get in touch!

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Program Resources

WoW Tour Teacher’s Guide

WoW Tour Camrose Schedule

WoW Tour Teacher’s Educational Resources (Google Doc Link)

WoW Tour Teacher Evaluation Survey (Google Form)


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