Wetland management is an important aspect of land use and stewardship. As wetlands are imbedded within the landscape, they are greatly impacted by what happens on the land.

Key aspects of managing wetlands are understanding what they are, as well as their functions and values as they relate to the ecosystem and to humans.

In addition to flood and drought mitigation, having various sizes of healthy wetlands helps wildlife and bird populations. They also provide learning and recreational opportunities for bird watchers, canoeists, hunters, students, and researchers.

With a changing climate comes increased uncertainty as well as increasingly extreme weather. Wetlands play an important role in managing water in extreme events by reducing the severity of those events while keeping the health of the landscape.

All land managers, including municipalities, are important partners to help manage wetlands on the landscape, and create opportunities to work with the natural landscape. Everyone plays a part in keeping our wetlands healthy.


Wetlands Background Research Report, PDF

Wetlands Policy Advice, PDF

Wetlands Implementation Guidelines, PDF

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