2022 AGM

You’re invited to the BRWA’s 2022 AGM!
Thursday, June 23
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Mirror Lake Centre, Camrose

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2022 Caring for Our Watersheds

The 2022 Caring for our Watersheds Final Competition will be hosted virtually, with a mix of live and pre-recorded presentations. Join us from 6:00pm-8:30pm on Saturday April 23rd to cheer on our student finalists. Register here to get the link.

Ten student groups from across Alberta have been selected as finalists.  These groups of 1-4 students will present their idea answering the question “What can I do to improve my watershed”?

Their final 5 minute presentation to a panel of judges will be recorded earlier in the week, then live-streamed at the event. After the presentations we will share final results and conduct an award ceremony, providing gifts and recognition to the groups.



All students who attend the Final Competition will be receiving a prize award! Groups will divide the prize equally. A matching prize amount will also be giving to the student’s school!


Be sure to confirm you are attending! Register here.

Review the Verbal Judging Guide to see what the judges will be marking you on!

Watch (or re-watch) The What to Expect Webinar

And don’t forget to send in this Waiver Form, signed by your parent/guardian!

Stories from the Water’s Edge

April 7th @ 7pm, The Bailey Theatre in Camrose

Join us for a celebration of stewardship. See the world premiere of our Riparian Video Series and the presentation of the 2021 OTIS Awards.

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Groundwater: Making the Invisible, Visible – WPACs World Water Day 2022

Join us for a discussion of the value of groundwater and water resources

March 22nd, 2022 1-3pm MDT

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The Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) of Alberta work towards the protection of water resources in our province. Collaboratively we are presenting this online World Water Day event. The theme for the UN World Water Day 2022 is “Groundwater : Making the Invisible, Visible”. Groundwater is often a forgotten source of water. Our three speakers will highlight the value of groundwater and water resources.


Riparian 102 Where Data Meets Action: Riparian Web Portal Workshop

Join the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and the Battle River Watershed Alliance in this interactive workshop on the Riparian Web Portal.

Topics will include:

-A short introduction to the project and data collection,

-How to view the web portal as a member of the public,

-How to view and use the web portal data as a stakeholder,

-How to add your own riparian projects, and

-Provide important feedback on the portal.

Register at least 48 hours in advance to receive your personal Web Portal Login information.

You must attend the “Dive into the Riparian Data: Our Intactness Project” Webinar prior to this event for background understanding on the data collection and assessment.

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Riparian 101 Dive into the Riparian Data: Our Intactness Project

Join the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and the Battle River Watershed Alliance in this interactive webinar on the Riparian Intactness Assessment Project.

In this 101 workshop, you will learn the Why and How of the Riparian Intactness Assessment project, how it applies to your work, and how it can improve the health of our watersheds.

Topics will include:

– Information about the project, and why the BRWA and NSWA are pursuing it

– An overview of the methods used to measure riparian intactness, pressure, and prioritization

– The importance of riparian areas for watershed health

– Tools and resources for governments, agriculture, and ENGOs to apply this knowledge

– Share your thoughts on the project and its potential relevance to your work.

Register at least 48 hours in advance.

This webinar is a pre-requisite for the “Where Data Meets Action: Riparian Web Portal” Workshop.

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Family Fishing Weekend

The Battle River Watershed Alliance is promoting this Alberta-wide event within our region. Fishing is a great activity to get outside and explore your watershed while gaining an appreciation for ecosystems and your food!

Family Fishing Weekend is a free event which allows anyone to try fishing without a sportfishing license. You must still only fish at locations with an open fishing season, and follow all other rules. Scroll down for resources, links, and maps for more information.

To enter:

  • Take a photo of your or your friends/family enjoying a waterbody on this July 3/4 weekend. You could be fishing or any other water sport!
  • Tag us in a post on social media using the hastag #BattleRiverWatershed. Not on social? Email us the photo.
  • Entries are due on Monday July 5th.
  • The BRWA staff will select 5 lucky winners to receive a gift basket. Winners will be selected by location, activity, and photo composition.


My Wild Alberta: Family Fishing Weekend

My Wild Alberta: Alberta Fish Stocking Map 

Alberta Conservation Association: Stocked Ponds Map

Government of Alberta: Clean Drain Dry 

Government of Alberta: Don’t Let it Loose

AEPHIN: Should I Eat this Fish?

The Battle River Watershed Alliance is grateful to Cargill for their support on this and many local projects.