Thursday March 03, 2022

Join the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and the Battle River Watershed Alliance in this interactive webinar on the Riparian Intactness Assessment Project.

In this 101 workshop, you will learn the Why and How of the Riparian Intactness Assessment project, how it applies to your work, and how it can improve the health of our watersheds.

Topics will include:

– Information about the project, and why the BRWA and NSWA are pursuing it

– An overview of the methods used to measure riparian intactness, pressure, and prioritization

– The importance of riparian areas for watershed health

– Tools and resources for governments, agriculture, and ENGOs to apply this knowledge

– Share your thoughts on the project and its potential relevance to your work.

Register at least 48 hours in advance.

This webinar is a pre-requisite for the “Where Data Meets Action: Riparian Web Portal” Workshop.

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