Saturday July 03, 2021 – Sunday July 04, 2021 | Across the Battle River Watershed

The Battle River Watershed Alliance is promoting this Alberta-wide event within our region. Fishing is a great activity to get outside and explore your watershed while gaining an appreciation for ecosystems and your food!

Family Fishing Weekend is a free event which allows anyone to try fishing without a sportfishing license. You must still only fish at locations with an open fishing season, and follow all other rules. Scroll down for resources, links, and maps for more information.

To enter:


My Wild Alberta: Family Fishing Weekend

My Wild Alberta: Alberta Fish Stocking Map 

Alberta Conservation Association: Stocked Ponds Map

Government of Alberta: Clean Drain Dry 

Government of Alberta: Don’t Let it Loose

AEPHIN: Should I Eat this Fish?

The Battle River Watershed Alliance is grateful to Cargill for their support on this and many local projects.