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Request For Proposal:

Land Cover Dataset

The BRWA and NSWA have begun a joint project to complete riparian intactness assessments for the North Saskatchewan and Battle River watersheds using remote sensing data. We have released a Request for Proposal to support the first stage of this work, which is to develop a high-resolution land cover dataset from which the riparian intactness assessments may be completed.

For more details, click here to view the Request for Proposal.

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Moving from awareness to action

Moving from awareness to action is a lofty goal. We are asking Battle River and Sounding Creek residents, municipalities, and others to help shift the current reality into something new. For the last 10 years, we have been building a Watershed Management Plan that features 12 components that will help governments, landowners, and residents learn to take purposeful action to improve the watershed.

Working together, this is our opportunity to re-shape our landscape. We hope you join us.

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