Beautiful Winter

It is a season of beauty and outdoor fun. Join us at the Stoney Creek centre to celebrate! 

This event is free for everyone so bring your toboggan or skis, a snow shovel and warm clothes and lets have some fun! 

We will be celebrating with:

Sport.  Bring your own equipment to enjoy your favorite winter sport.  A Learn to Luge session will also be available from 2:15-4:15pm for the first 12 people to register. Everyone ages 6+ is welcome.  To luge, you must wear a helmet, warm clothing and sign a waiver.  Download the waiver here, or get a copy from the Stoney Creek centre by 2pm on the 19th. 

Play. Enjoy some time by the fire with a local storyteller. You could also make a treat for your feathered friends, or help build a snow sculpture!

Fashion. Show us your favorite winter garments, and take part in our fashion show!  Warm and woolly is the fashion of the season. 

Flavour. We will have hot dogs and bannock on hand to roast over the open fire in the snow kitchen.  Never been in a snow kitchen? It is like a snow fort with no roof, benches, and a fire pit! We will also have warm drinks available. 

For more information, call Nathalie at 780-672-0276. 

We hope to see you at the ski hill! 

 Beautiful Winter Poster .pdf

Stoney Creek Centre, Camrose.
Event Date: 
Sunday, January 19, 2014

Storytelling Winter Fashion Show