Battle Lake Watershed Synergy Group

Battle Lake Watershed Synergy Group

Type of Group: Registered Society. Watershed Stewardship Group


Mission / Goals

To provide opportunities for improving the environmental health of the Battle Lake watershed.
Battle Lake Watershed Synergy Group was established in 2005 to ensure effective and sensitive planning of oil and gas development in the Battle Lake watershed area through open and honest communication and planning between residents, the oil and gas industry and government agencies.


What We Do

Participate in Alberta Environment’s “Water for Life” strategy as a Watershed Stewardship Group. They provide an effective and proactive forum to allow Community, Industry and Government to communicate and share information respectfully and cooperatively, to aid in an integrated approach to developing and planning oil and gas activity in a manner that protects and preserves the Battle Lake Watershed.

Core Principles:

OPEN: Willing to hear and consider or to accept and deal with; be forthcoming
HONEST: Free from deception; telling the truth
PROACTIVE: Responding with conscious choice, based on values and knowledge, toward a positive outcome; moving to goals
RESPECT: Genuine courtesy and appreciation for people and for their other point of view' consideration for the feelings, thoughts and opinions of others
COOPERATIVE: A willingness and ability to work with others;
CONSENSUS: General agreement; the judgment arrived at by most of those concerned;


Where We Work

The greater Battle Lake area (in the very north western area of the watershed), with some focus on regional groundwater source protection.





Paul McLauchlin
Phone: 403-843-2675
Fax: 403-843-2978

Information on this webpage has been adapated from the Battle Lake Water Synergy Group webpage listed above.

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