Stewardship Groups

These groups promote knowledge and best management practices for landowners who, in turn, are making changes to the way they operate. These changes will make improvements to water quality, fish habitat, riparian zones and wetlands in our local watersheds.


Iron Creek Watershed Improvement Society

Mission: To raise awareness about the importance, health, and function of the Iron Creek watershed, and promote the agricultural, environmental, and financial benefits derived from sustainable management techniques.

Where We Work: Within the Iron Creek watershed. Iron Creek watershed geographically covers most of Flagstaff County.

Contact: Carol Wilson;

Battle Lake Watershed Synergy Group

Mission: Battle Lake Watershed Synergy Group was established in 2005 to ensure effective and sensitive planning of oil and gas development in the Battle Lake watershed through open and honest communication and planning between residents, the oil and gas industry and government agencies.

Where We Work: The greater Battle Lake area (in the very north western area of the watershed), with some focus on regional groundwater source protection.

Contact:; Paul McLaughlin,

Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

Mission: To enhance, preserve and protect Pigeon Lake and its watershed as a healthy and environmentally sustainable ecosystem for current and future generations.

Where We Work: Greater Pigeon Lake area

Contact:; Catherine Peirce;

Friends of Little Beaver Lake Society

Mission: To care for and look after our lake and surrounding area, including the headwaters of Meeting Creek. To learn more about Little Beaver Lake and the living things that make their home in the water and on the shores. To pass on what we learn to our community, especially the younger folks and coming generations.

Where We Work: In the Little Beaver Lake area, close to Ferintosh.

Contact: William Davies, President,

Buffalo Lake Nature Club

Mission: To encourage local Albertans to increase their knowledge and appreciation of natural history. To work towards conservation of natural areas and native species of animal and plant life. To help prevent misuse of our natural resources. To promote the study of natural history through varied channels of communication, field trips, outdoor activities and inventories.

Where We Work: In the Stettler area.


Lacombe Lake Watershed Stewardship Society

Mission: The Lacombe Lake Watershed Stewardship Society (LLWSS) was established in order to address the possible deterioration of the water quality of Lacombe Lake.

Where We Work: Lacombe Lake area

Contact: Cliff Soper

Clear Water Lake Association


Where We Work: Clear Lake area

Contact: Rene Rajotte, President,


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Additional Watershed Stewardship Programs and Groups

Alberta Fish & Game Association Volunteer Stewardship Program

Partners in land and biodiversity conservation

(780) 437-2342

Land Stewardship Centre – Alberta Stewardship Network

Serves the needs of grassroots stewardship groups by identifying funding opportunities, supporting the development of volunteer recruitment and training opportunities, and providing access to relevant, current and useful stewardship resources.

Cows and Fish

Partnering with communities on riparian management

(403) 340-7607

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Restoring and managing wetlands for habitat and wildlife

(780) 672-6786, extension 5

Alberta Conservation Association

Conserving and enhancing wildlife, fisheries and habitat


Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Works to protect natural areas to benefit wildlife and people, and to conserve biodiversity and all nature’s values, for everyone forever.