Monday March 27, 2023 | Array

Welcome to the BRWA’s 2020 Annual General Meeting.

This page contains the agenda and attachments needed to follow along. To be sent an invite to the AGM zoom meeting, please register on Eventbrite. Problems connecting? Call Mackenzie at the BRWA office at 306-893-7684.

More information on our 2019-2020 Year can be found in our Annual Report document. Open the Annual Report Flip book here, or open the PDF.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Opening

Welcome led by Barb Bosh, BRWA Board Chair

2. Approve Agenda

Open 2020 AGM Agenda

Motion 1: Approve Agenda.

3. Approve Minutes from 2019

Open 2019 AGM Minutes

Motion 2: Approve Minutes

4. BRWA 2020 Report

BRWA Staff will present their 2019/2020 projects and their work ahead.

Link to BRWA 2020 Projects Prezi Presentation


Sheila Logelin, BRWA Office Manager and Lorne Ferguson, BRWA Board Treasurer will present the 2019-2020 Financial Auditor’s Review Engagement.

Open 2019-2020 Financial Statements_Review Engagement

Motion 3: Approve Financial Report.

6. Approve 2020-2021 Budget

David Samm, BRWA General Manager and Lorne Ferguson, BRWA Board Treasurer will present the budget for approval.

Open the 2020-2021 Budget

Motion 4: Approve Budget.

7. Set Membership Fee

Motion 5: Motion to set the BRWA membership fee

8. Set DIRECTOR Remuneration Fee

Open the BRWA Directors Per Diem Rates

Motion 6: Motion to set the BRWA Board Member’s remuneration fee

9. Selection of the 2020-2021 Financial Auditor

Motion 7: Motion to select this years auditor.

10. Directors Nomination

Review current Board of Directors and introduction of new Directors.
Open the BRWA Directors Nomination Page

Motion 8: Motion to approve board of Directors Elections.

11. Selection of 2021 AGM Date and Location

Discussion led by Barb Bosh, BRWA Board Chair.

Motion 9: Motion to set the 2021 AGM Date.

12. Thank you and Door Prize

Two attendees will be selected at random for a lovely gift basket of local goodies!