Wetlands Course- Spring Session 2012

Wetland Course – Spring Session 2012


Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd. is pleased to offer Alberta Wetlands: From Classification to Policy, a course aimed at a variety of stakeholders, municipal and provincial government departments. The course is arranged in topical modules consisting of both theoretical and practical components.

We currently have two course dates scheduled:


  • February 22nd - 23rd - Edmonton
  • Feburary 29th - March 1st - Calgary

In-house training sessions are available for groups of 5 or more in the Capital region and 10-20 outside of the Capital region. Each course registrant must provide a complete registration form.

For more information or to register for the course, please contact us at: wetlands@aquality.ca or visit our website at http://www.wetlandpolicy.ca/wetland-course.html.


Course Description

Day 1 - Wetland Theory, Classification, and Policies (all day)

Part 1: Wetland Classification and Functions

This course will address the Stewart and Kantrud and Canadian Wetland Classification Systems and how they are applied to wetlands in Alberta. The roles of wetlands are addressed, including flood attenuation, water quality and quantity modulation, climate impacts, biodiversity and stormwater management. This course is the quintessential primer of wetland ecology.

Part 2: Policies Affecting Wetlands in Alberta

This course will address federal, provincial and municipal policies affecting wetlands in Alberta, including Water for Life, the proposed Alberta Wetland Policy slated for release in 2010, the provincial Land Use Framework, USEPA vs. Canadian wetland policies and regulations regarding wetland loss and mitigation. In addition, economic valuation of wetlands will be addressed at the provincial scale.

Day 2 - Applied Wetland and Riparian Skills (half day, requires the above as a prerequisite)

For in-house sessions, Aquality offers customized half-day training courses with applied skills in wetland and riparian areas.

Option I: Wetland Airphoto Interpretation

Alberta has a detailed airphoto inventory of the province dating back to 1949. This hands-on module will teach you how to identify, delineate, and classify wetlands in the landscape using black/white airphotos. Time-series analyses will allow you to examine the same wetland complex over time to gain an appreciation of their dynamic nature in relation to environmental factors. This module can be especially useful for municipalities seeking to develop their own wetland management policies, as a demonstration of the distribution and abundance of wetlands on the landscape.

Option II: Environmental Reserves and Riparian Setbacks

Riparian areas are highly diverse ecosystems that serve as key habitat for wildlife and birds, and are critical in protecting and preserving healthy aquatic ecosystems. To assist municipalities and other shoreline managers in protecting these areas, Aquality has developed the Riparian Setback Matrix Model, which is a scientifically-defensible model for determining riparian Setbacks. This module introduces the scientific theory, policies, and legislation behind the model. Registrants will apply the model in the field at a demonstration site, and establish their own setback points necessary to protect healthy aquatic ecosystems and wildlife habitats.

Edmonton, AB
Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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