Water Quality Monitoring

In Alberta, the Alberta River Water Quality Index provides a general assessment of water quality at 28 Long-Term River Network sites on Alberta’s major river systems. Two of these monitoring stations are located on the Battle River. One is located on highway 53 west of Ponoka, and the other is located at the north end of Driedmeat Lake.

There are four components of the Alberta River Water Quality Index: metals, nutrients, bacteria, and pesticides. Based on data collected at each monitoring station, a sub-index score is calculated for each component. The overall index score is calculated by taking the average of these scores. Check out the figures below to learn more about Battle River water quality from 2003-2012.



The Alberta River Water Quality Index is like a school grade. The better you do, the higher your score (given as a percentage out of 100). In the same way, the higher the index score, the fewer pollutants are present and the healthier the river is. 




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