Annual Report 2011

(BRWA - 2011)

Our Purpose

The Board identified the purpose of the work of the Battle River Watershed Alliance during the Board retreat in the fall of 2010. We desire: A watershed that sustains all life, by using sound knowledge, wisdom and wise action to preserve our watershed for future generations.

This core purpose has served us well and will guide our work over the 2011-2015 years. I posed the following question at our last board meeting: What systems do we need to create to protect our watershed? We spent some time individually thinking about this question, and I feel that our collective response will be central to our continuing work as an organization. Identifying the systems already in place that support our work (eg. legislation and policy at municipal, provincial and federal levels) and/or seeking and developing other systems are opportunities for ongoing exploration. Seeing BRWA as a system of systems has the potential to broaden and deepen our future work.


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