Photovoice- Sounding Creek Basin

(BRWA - 2012)


What is PhotoVoice?

The Battle River Watershed Alliance adopted the PhotoVoice project to give voice to the diversity of perspectives that exist across the watershed and explore people's connections to this place.

Participants of the PhotoVoice project are equipped with a camera and journal and asked to take photographs that represent their perspective on, or connection to, their community or surroundings. They are asked to consider aspects of their surroundings - whether positive or negative - that have an impact on them or shape their connection to place in some way. They are also asked to reflect, through writing, on these experiences and the message they would like their photographs to convey. Thus, the stories of the Battle River watershed are told through word and picture.

Stories are meant to be shared. As such, part of the PhotoVoice project involves meeting in small groups with other PhotoVoice participants to share photographs and discuss the stories and perspectives that these photographs represent. Photography exhibits are another means by which participants are able to share their voice with a greater number of people.

Finally, it is the hope of the BRWA that the impact of the PhotoVoice project goes beyond displaying and discussing photographs. Action often springs from thought. At times, we see things in the world around us that we desire to see protected, or to see changed, or to see improved. The BRWA encourages participants to move beyond personal reflection and strive for action in order to create positive change in our watershed and in our world.

Photographs, as well as written and oral descriptions, arising out of the PhotoVoice project may be utilized in BRWA reports and materials and displayed at events (e.g. PhotoVoice blog, BRWA website, newsletter, watershed festival). No participant photographs or other information will be used without first receiving permission from participants.

What is my role as a participant?

Your role is to use photography to share your stories, thoughts and perspectives with us! We want to know what connects you to your community and surroundings. In addition to taking photographs, we ask that you record your thoughts on each photograph you take and describe the meaning behind those photographs. Both the photographs and writing will help us to gain an understanding of what connects you to your place.

Your photographs and their descriptions will be compiled into a book using This book will be a keepsake for everyone who participants in the program, and will be provided with no cost, as a thank you for your efforts.

How many photographs do I take, and what do I take photographs of?

You can take as many photographs as you like; feel free to take as many as you think are necessary to capture your overall connection to your community. Also, feel free to use photographs you already have!

As a rough guideline, try to capture 10 elements that you appreciate, which inspire, or which concern you in your surroundings.  It may be useful to make a list of the elements you want to capture prior to taking any photographs.

When taking photographs, here are some questions to consider:

What do you appreciate/value in your community?

What inspires you about this community and your surroundings?

What aspects of the community (both positive and negative) impact your connection to your community?

What are some local challenges, and what resolutions would you hope for?


What do I write about?

Reflect on the photographs you are taking and the meaning behind each of these photographs.  Write anywhere for one sentence to a paragraph about the photo.

***Some questions to consider:

               Why did you take this photograph?

What does this photograph represent?

               What is this photograph of, and why is it meaningful or significant?

               What are the stories, experiences, and thoughts behind this photograph?







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