Annual Report 2010

(BRWA - 2010)

Chair’s Message

As BRWA Chairman for the past four years, I have seen this organization move ahead on some pretty exciting programs and projects. Through the past few years, we have been able to engage in some pretty lively discussions on watershed issues, and have had many opportunities to achieve consensus on important – and sometimes difficult – decisions.

Over the past year, the BRWA has added a few new faces to our team. First of all, we have been pleased to see a number of new additions to the BRWA Board of Directors, as well as to the various standing and technical committees. The volunteer and in-kind contributions from these members and agencies are critical to the direction and the work of the BRWA. In addition to the valued work from BRWA staff members David Samm and Sheila Logelin, the BRWA was pleased to welcome Noemie Jenni, Erin Murphy Thomspon, and Sarah Skinner to our team this past year.

On the project front, we have a number of exciting ventures planned for the coming year, including projects in the areas of education, extension, and stewardship. Through the efforts of Noemie, the BRWA is nearing completion on our "State of the Watershed" report, and is preparing to embark on the next phase: a Watershed Management Planning process which will look at devising ways to tangibly improve on the results of the "State of..." report. In addition to this work, much progress has been made in the area of communications and education, thanks in part to the significant efforts of Erin and Sarah. And through it all, David and Sheila have helped to keep us on the straight and narrow, providing key input on the overall direction and finances of the organization.

On behalf of the BRWA Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have been involved with the BRWA over the past year. As the BRWA moves into our next year of operation, I look forward to seeing what discussions will be had and what decisions will be made.


Jeremy Enarson
BRWA Chair


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