Iron Creek Watershed

Iron Creek Watershed Improvement Society

Type of group: Registered society


To raise awareness about the importance, health, function of the Iron Creek Watershed, and promote the agricultural, environmental, and financial benefits derived from sustainable management techniques.

What We Do

The following programming was conducted in 2004 with funding from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Stewardship-in-Action program:

  • “Pasture Health: Native and Tame” workshop: this event was aimed at educating producers on plant identification and how to conduct pasture health assessments on their pastures.
  • “Trees, Wetlands, and Forests Day”: the attendants of this event were grade 5 students from four schools in Flagstaff County. Several partners set up interactive stations for students to learn about the importance of the components that make up our watershed.
  • 2nd Annual Supper and Information Night: the purpose of this night was to display and celebrate the successes of the year’s projects. Several speakers attended to discuss informative water related topics.
  • Water testing: four sites along Iron Creek were tested biweekly for nitrates, phosphates, pH, temperature, salinity, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. The results were presented at the 2nd Annual Supper and Information Night.
  • Dugout testing: members of the ICWIS volunteered dugouts to be tested for coliforms and fecal coliforms. The results were discussed at the 2nd Annual Supper and Information Night.
  • ICWIS survey: this survey was distributed to all residents in Flagstaff County. The purpose was to identify what concerns residents had regarding water. The data will be used in deciding what direction the group wants to go in the future.

Where We Work

Within the Iron Creek Watershed. Iron Creek watershed geographically covers most of Flagstaff County.  See the Sub-watershed map for boundaries.

How to Contact Us

Don Ruzicka, Chairman
Box 579
Killam, AB
Phone: (780) 385-2474

Kristin Cuss, Rural Conservation Technician and Rural Extension Staff (RES)
Box 358
Sedgewick, AB, T0B 4C0
Phone: (780) 384-4100 or (780) 336-5309

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