Map Your Map Workshop

In March of 2017, 10 watershed community members came together to map out their special places in the Battle River watershed.

Posed with the questions- “what places in the region are important to you, and what values make them special?” the map makers set out to create the beautiful and personal maps (see images below).


Mapping our home places, often called bioregional mapping, has been a powerful tool used by communities to identify and protect community assets. Conventional mapping has often been used by colonial explorers or exploitive industries to conquer or deplete areas. Bioregional mapping puts the power back into the hands of the people who live there.  Bioregional maps build a place up, building stronger connections between people and their place, and to each other.

The participant’s maps told the BRWA two main things: what places were important to these people (Word Cloud 1), and what values formed that sense of connection (Word Cloud 2).  Although many of the places would be different for everyone in the watershed, understanding the values which made them important are likely more universal. According to these maps, there are 5 major themes to personal place connection, which represent 31 specific values.

The workshops were part of a research project lead by Nathalie S Olson, BRWA staff member, for her MA in Environmental Education and Communication degree. Her completed thesis will be available on the BRWA website by searching “Make your Map”.  You can contact the BRWA if you are interested in hosting a mapping project in your community.


What do you love about living in your watershed? These 31 personal values (grouped into 5 themes) show why some community members love this region. Look at one of the values- does a place come to mind for you?  

Think of a place that you love- can you find the reasons you feel connected to it in this list of values?

Camrose Stoney Creek Centre
Event Date: 
Saturday, March 11, 2017

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