Discover your Wetland

The field trip takes students out to a local wetland to learn about plants, wildlife, water cycles, water quality and the importance of protecting wetlands.  Through hands on activities, games, and guided exploration students will come away with an increased appreciation for these incredible places!

Discover your Wetland field trips are usually half-day field trips, customized to the location and group size. We can usually accommodate up to 60 students (2 classes) at a time. Activities vary, but can include:

  • Learning about watersheds and wetland functions with the Wetland Model
  • Finding the different 'ingredients' for different types of wetlands (bogs, marshes and fens) in the Cooking up Wetlands demonstration or relay game
  • Collecting benthic macro-invertebrates (water bugs), learning to identify them, and learning about water quality
  • Water Quality tests (including DO, pH, turbidity and temperature)
  • Web of life, life cycles or predator/prey games
  • Identify water-loving plants and looking for signs of animals
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature!
Wetland Model
Wetland Model- a hands on way to look at a watershed and wetlands roles and functions. 
Macro-Invertebrate Mayhem Tag Game intro and prep! Who wants to be the dragonfly?
Bug Dipping! Finding, identifying, awe-strucking, and returning to nature. 
Taking some quiet time to draw the wetland plants

Sponsors: This program is sponsored by The Battle River Community Foundation and Alberta Environment and Parks.

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