Yellow Fish Road

Yellow Fish Road is a nation-wide environmental education program designed and managed by Trout Unlimited Canada and hosted locally by the Battle River Watershed Alliance.   The Yellow Fish Road program’s goal is to help Canadians understand that stormdrains are the doorways to our rivers, lakes and streams. Preventing pollutants from entering our stormdrains is critical to protecting and improving our watersheds, water quality and aquatic habitat.


Why the Yellow Fish Road?
In most municipalities, storm drains flow directly into the local waterbody without being treated. Almost anything other than rainwater can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life. This includes soap used to wash your family car (that is not biodegradable), excess fertilizer on the lawn that washes into the storm drain, dirt and oil from your driveway, and construction materials or other litter. These materials have an impact on all aquatic life including plants, insects, fish, wildlife and ultimately humans that depend on the local waterbody.

What is a Storm Drain?

Storm drains are the grates found on the street by the curb. Runoff and rain water drain into these grates, go through a network of underground tunnels, and usually end up in the local water body. This water is usually not treated to remove pollutants before it reaches the local waterbody. So simple activities, such as washing your car in the driveway or not picking up after your dog, can cause harm to aquatic life.

In some of our smaller communities there are no storm drains, only drainage ditches to move water away from town.  In that case, we can still try to protect that water from harmful pollution even without the storm drains.  

How does the Yellow Fish Road program work?

1. Learn more about your watershed and storm drain pollution. (Optional). 
Invite the Battle River Watershed Alliance to visit your classroom or club for a fun and educational lesson on our watershed. 

2. Storm Drain Painting
Your classroom or club will love the program's active component of painting yellow fish near storm drains in your community.  The painted yellow fish to serve as a reminder that any materials going down storm drains affects us all.   

3. Door Hangers
While out painting the yellow fish, we will also leave “fish hangers” (information pamphlets printed on yellow fish-shaped brochures) on doors in the community to inform residents of why yellow fish have appeared in their neighbourhood.  

The BRWA has all of the materials needed to implement this project in your community.  We are happy to help you organize the program in the Battle River or Sounding Creek watersheds and ensure all safety and permission requirements are met.  

For More Information and Moving to Action

For more information on the program please read the Yellow Fish Road Program Guide (PDF Download), visit the Yellow Fish Road Website or contact us. 

To arrange for a presentation or painting time, please contact call the BRWA office at 780-672-0276 or email