PhotoVoice 2012

 Initiated in 2010, PhotoVoice is a community engagement strategy that utilizes photography to explore the perspectives of a particular group of people. In the context
of our work in the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds, we have been looking to give voice to the diversity of perspectives that exist across the watershed and explore people’s connections to this place.

Participants of the PhotoVoice project are asked to take photographs that represent their perspective on, or connection to, their community or surroundings. They are asked to consider aspects of their community or surroundings - whether positive or negative - that have an impact on them or shape their connection to place in some way. They are also asked to reflect, through writing, on these experiences and the message they would like their photographs to convey. Thus, the stories of the local watersheds are told through word and picture.

A primary goal of the PhotoVoice project is to encourage dialogue among the people of the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds. As such, small group discussions and photography exhibits provide a means by which PhotoVoice participants are able to share their photographs, thoughts, experiences and stories with others. PhotoVoice events have already taken place in Pigeon Lake, Camrose and Ferintosh, and will be coming to Special Areas, Brownfield, and Wainwright in 2012. 

Interested in sharing your voice through photography? Contact BRWA Watershed Planning Coordinator Sarah Skinner  at for more information on how to get involved in the PhotoVoice project!

Also, check out our PhotoVoice blog at

Photo Credit:
Shells by the Shore: Mariylle Soveran
Cows in Snow: Bukala A.
A Reminder of our History: Mariylle Soveran
Wolf Creek Fall: Shane Steffen