Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

Type of Group: Registered Society. Watershed Stewardship Group

Mission Statement

To enhance, preserve and protect Pigeon Lake and its watershed as a healthy and environmentally sustainable ecosystem for current and future generations.

What We Do

Pigeon Lake watershed association works to inform, to educate, to advocate and to protect.

In an effort to fulfill these roles PLWA has been creating a platform of information for members and stakeholders.  These reports can be found on the PLWA website.

Restoration and preservation of the natural ecosystems such that the water quality and water levels of the lake and its tributaries are at optimum levels.

Engagement of stakeholders in environmental best practices such that all residents, business, industry and municipal governments located within the watershed (or indirectly affecting the watershed) are committed and conforming to best practices, activities in planning, developing, maintaining and utilizing Pigeon Lake and its environment.

PLWA identifies, promotes and advocates for environmentally sustainable land use practices that are conducive to the accepted levels of biophysical impact of the total ecosystem within the watershed, the lake and its tributaries.

Where We Work

 PLWA works within the greater Pigeon Lake area.



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