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The Alberta Water for Life strategy recognizes the importance of partnerships within watersheds and throughout the province.  The Alberta Water Council, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils and Watershed Stewardship Groups all work together in different but complimentary ways.  

The Water For Life Enabling Partnerships publication describes Watershed Stewardship Groups as such; "Watershed Stewardship Groups are already raising awareness and undertaking 'on-the-ground' activities to protect and enhance local lakes and streams. These groups are promoting knowledge and best management practices for landowners who, in turn, are making changes to the way they operate. These changes are making improvements to water quality, fish habitat, riparian zones and wetlands within our local watersheds."

Please click on the following Watershed Stewardship Groups to learn more about the work they are doing in your community, as well as how you can become involved.


Iron Creek Watershed Improvement Society

Promoting sustainable land and water use in the Iron Creek sub-watershed (Flagstaff County Area). 

Battle Lake Watershed Synergy Group

Providing opportunities to improve the health of Battle Lake. 

Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

To enhance, preserve and protect Pigeon Lake and its watershed.

Friends of Little Beaver Lake Society

To care for our lake and surronding area, including the headwaters of Meeting Creek.

Lacombe Watershed Stewardship Society

More information coming soon!

Don't see a Watershed Stewardship Group in your area? Learn how to start a stewardship group in YOUR Community

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