Past News and Events

  • Event Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016
    Location: Multiple Locations

    Learn about how to construct a well, how and when to test your well, proper operations and maintenance, how and when to shock chlorinate, and what to do about abandoned wells.

  • Event Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016
    Location: Lacombe Memorial Centre

    Join the Grey Wooded Forage Association for their Annual General Meeting on Saturday, May 14, from 1-7pm at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.

    Many great speakers will be attending. See the poster below for all the details!

  • Event Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016
    Location: Alberta-Reynolds Museum, Wetaskiwin, AB.

    The 10 finalists in the 2016 Caring for our Watersheds competition will be presenting their winning ideas on what they can do to help improve their watersheds.  Come out to support them and be inspired by their ideas! 

    Dinner is available to those who RSVP with Nathalie Olson, 780-672-0276.


  • Event Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2016
    Location: Thorsby

  • Event Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2016
    Location: Camrose Public Library

    Together with the Camrose Wellness Coalition, the BRWA is thrilled to present: Project Wild Thing!

    Join us at the Camrose Public Library, Wednesday April 13th for this film screening.

    5:30pm: Gathering and Opening~ How wild is Camrose?
    6:00pm: Movie Screening of Project Wild Thing
    7:30pm: Question and Answer and sharing additional resources

    PROJECT WILD THING is a feature-length documentary film. It is also the beginning of a movement to reconnect kids with nature. Only 1 in 10 children regularly play in wild places. Children’s roaming area has shrunk by 90% in a generation. Today, more children can identify a Dalek than a magpie.  The movement aims to reconnect all children with nature. If we don’t, the results could be disastrous for three big reasons:

    1. Health
    Children’s mental and physical health are improved in the outdoors, if they are indoors they are simply less active and less exposed to nature.

    2. Happiness
    Playing outdoors and exploring nature is an essential part of a happy childhood, helping children to build friendships, get to know their community and grow confidence.

    3. Environment
    If children do not connect with the natural world, they’re unlikely to care enough about the environment to fight to look after it.


    Project Wild Thing is supported by The WILD NETWORK, a collaborative movement of over 1000 organisations and thousands of individuals committed to getting kids outdoors. The Wild Network’s membership is diverse: From conservation charities and schools, to healthcare providers, local government, children’s charities and individuals (please say at this point that you and your organisation have signed up and encourage others to do the same at!)

  • Event Date: Thursday, March 24, 2016
    Location: Camrose and Stettler

    Camrose County is hosting two workshops on Land Stewardship: Promoting Possibilites

    Are you a farmer, rancher, concerned landowner? Are you involved in conservation or recreation? 
    Attend a free workshop!

    Camrose- Wed. March 23rd, Canalta Hotel. Hwy 13 West.

    Stettler- Thurs. March 24th, Ramada Inn. Hwy 12 West. 

    Please see the attached agenda for details. 

    Registration deadline is March 18th. Call the Camrose County to register at 780-672-4765.



  • Event Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016
    Location: Ponoka Legion

    See the poster below for event details. This event is primarily aimed at Town of Ponoka and Ponoka County residents, but all are welcome to attend.

  • Event Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
    Location: Wainwright

    The MD of Wainwright is offering a Working Well workshop on March 16.

    Visit for more information, or contact Tanis Ponath (workshop host) at 780-842-4454 or

  • Event Date: Friday, March 4, 2016
    Location: Forestburg, AB

    On March 4, the BRWA hosted a public engagement meeting in Forestburg to discuss management of riparian areas and wetlands in the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds. About 30 people came to join the conversation on the proposed implementation guidelines for both riparian areas and wetlands.

    In addition to roundtable discussions, the group had the opportunity to hear from two wetland specialists.

    Dr. Shari Clare, a researcher with the University of Alberta’s Alberta Living Laboratory Project, spoke about their pilot project using reverse auctions to help restore wetlands in southern Alberta. The buyer, the agency that is going to pay for the restoration, solicits offers from landowners for how it would cost to restore wetlands on their property. The offers are compared and selected based on environmental service dimension until the budget is reached. Though these ae only beginning to appear in Canada, Australia have been using this tool for a long time for restore other habitat.

    Dr. Masaki Hayashi from the University of Calgary, spoke about the hydrology of prairie wetlands, and implication for management and conservation initiatives. Dr. Hayashi described how many of our pothole wetlands feed into the shallow aquifers that maintain the water table. All our wetlands have differing hydroperiods, or the amount of time that water is in wetlands. Maintaining this diversity in wetlands is important for maintain biodiversity in our watershed.


    Our actions on the land, whether in urban areas or on the rural landscape, can impact the amount and quality of water in our wetlands. In order to manage wetlands, we need to understand how our actions may impact them. For more information about wetlands in the BR & SC watersheds, please contact Susanna Bruneau at or call 780-672-0276
    All watershed residents, stakeholders and decision-makers are invited to this free upcoming event the Battle River Watershed Alliance is hosting about wetland and riparian area management. Please feel free to extend this invitation to your friends, family and colleagues.
    When: Friday, March 4, 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM (with a free lunch provided)
    Where: Forestburg Multi-Use Arena (4101 - 49 St.)

    Join us to share your thoughts on how we can work together to manage our wetlands and riparian areas, discuss the BRWA's draft management recommendations, and learn from our guest speakers.

    Please register by February 25 to secure your free lunch. 
    To register, call 780-672-0276 or email Susanna
  • Event Date: Saturday, February 27, 2016
    Location: Calgary, AB

    Alberta Ecotrust Presents the 1st annual environmental gathering: Change the Climate

    Let’s change the way we work together. There are more than 200 environment and sustainability related organizations in Alberta and they are incredibly diverse. From ensuring safe and available water, to preserving and restoring valuable land and habitat, to building a sustainable future, Albertans across the province are continually working to protect the ecosystems that provide all of us with life and prosperity. As a champion for the environment in Alberta, we invite you to join us over three days in February to explore new opportunities to work together as a community and across boundaries.

    The environmental challenges we face in Alberta are complex. We share your sense of urgency. We believe that to amplify our collective impact we need to come together to connect meaningfully, find common ground, share resources, align our objectives and plan wisely. Rather than a “stand alone” conference, this Environmental Gathering will be an opportunity to determine how we will work together as a community moving forward.

    Early bird registration ends January 15th! The first 100 registrants for the Environmental Gathering will receive a complementary copy of Dr. David Boyd’s newest book, The Optimistic Environmentalist: Progressing Towards a Greener Future.

    More details can be found on their website at:


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