Ferry Point Reach Canoe Ride

When thinking of taking a canoe ride, the Battle River may not be the first place that comes to mind. Its long bends switch back and forth so often one would likely get downstream faster simply by walking. However, along our local Ferry Point Reach, from the Edberg Dam southeast to RR 184, the river travels a direct route and offers calm waters, a wide valley and beautiful views. 

The Battle River Watershed Alliance (BRWA) is hosting a canoe trip down this stretch of river as part of their Ferry Point Reach Riparian Restoration Program. “We want to give back to the community and share a few of the successes and lessons we have learned from the project.” comments Nathalie Stanley, BRWA program coordinator. “We have all been to Ag Open Houses where you visit different sites on ATVs or in trucks; we thought it would be fun to go at it from the perspective of the water.” The canoe trip is open to all local community members interested in seeing the views from the river and learning a bit more about the riparian projects. The trip is planned for the morning of Friday June 20th followed by a BBQ lunch at the campground. Paddlers are welcome to BYOB (bring your own boat) or claim a seat in one the boats the Watershed Alliance will supply. Please call if you plan to attend.

To date, five riparian restoration projects have been completed, and four more are slated for this summer. The BRWA has enjoyed working with landowners to help fund these riparian restoration projects and thanks the community for their interest, and the project sponsors including the Environmental Damages Fund and Penn West for their support.

For more information on the Riparian Program, visit the webpage at www.battleriverwatershed.ca/riparian.

To RSVP for the canoe ride, please contact Nathalie Stanley at the BRWA at 780-672-0276.

Ferry Point Reach, Kelsey AB
Event Date: 
Friday, June 20, 2014

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