Change the Climate Conference

Alberta Ecotrust Presents the 1st annual environmental gathering: Change the Climate

Let’s change the way we work together. There are more than 200 environment and sustainability related organizations in Alberta and they are incredibly diverse. From ensuring safe and available water, to preserving and restoring valuable land and habitat, to building a sustainable future, Albertans across the province are continually working to protect the ecosystems that provide all of us with life and prosperity. As a champion for the environment in Alberta, we invite you to join us over three days in February to explore new opportunities to work together as a community and across boundaries.

The environmental challenges we face in Alberta are complex. We share your sense of urgency. We believe that to amplify our collective impact we need to come together to connect meaningfully, find common ground, share resources, align our objectives and plan wisely. Rather than a “stand alone” conference, this Environmental Gathering will be an opportunity to determine how we will work together as a community moving forward.

Early bird registration ends January 15th! The first 100 registrants for the Environmental Gathering will receive a complementary copy of Dr. David Boyd’s newest book, The Optimistic Environmentalist: Progressing Towards a Greener Future.

More details can be found on their website at:

Calgary, AB
Event Date: 
Saturday, February 27, 2016

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