Communications and Education (C&E) Committee


Committee Purpose: 

  To develop a strong, positive communication and education process with the general public, stakeholders and decision makers for the achievement of Battle River Watershed Alliance's (BRWA) immediate and long-term goals.

 The C&E Committee is guided by the “Knowledge Mobilization” area of the BRWA 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan defines Knowledge Mobilization as “seek[ing] to organize, create, capture and distribute knowledge to our intended audience and ensure its availability for future users.”.

 Our communication goal is to have accurate and timely information available to members, stakeholders, media, and the public. We want to highlight good news stories and organizational milestones to members and the general public. We believe communication will enhance cooperation between the BRWA , its members and all users of the Battle River and Sounding Creek watershed. 

We will inform the public about watershed issues and increase overall public awareness and involvement in watershed management within the BRWA boundaries. 

Our watershed education outcomes will ensure residents and stakeholders in the Battle River watershed gain knowledge of their watershed and act responsibly in managing and conserving water to support  healthy land and water for the future. 


Committee Goals:

Assist the BRWA Staff, Board and other committees in:

Education and public involvement

  • Increase overall public awareness and involvement in water quality and quantity issues within Battle River and Sounding Creek Watershed boundaries

Information dissemination

  • Informing the public about water quality and quantity issues and the results of water quality monitoring and state of the watershed reporting

 Information gathering

  • Obtaining public input in identifying water quality and quantity related issues and concerns.


  • Advertising and assisting in the promotions of BRWA activities.


  • Informing the public and stakeholders (decision-makers, municipal councils, general public, sub-watershed groups, government departments) about the purpose, activities and achievements of BRWA.


List of Achievements:


Ongoing Projects

Community Membership

Seasonal Newsletters

Website development/management

Annual Reports

Recruiting and Retaining BRWA Membership

Annual General Meetings

Signs of Life project


·      ·        

Classroom/Youth Education

Wetland Field Trips

Educational Classroom visits

Wetlands, Trees & Forests events

Caring for our Watershed Project

·Project Implementation

·Battle River Buddies Poster contest

Educational events for summer camps


 Past Projects

Attendance at the Alberta Council for Environmental Education Cenovus Environmental Education Leadership Clinic

Spirit of the Watershed

Annual General Meetings

State of the Watershed Report support & extension

Hundreds of students involved in the Caring for Our Watersheds Project, assisting in implementing 7 projects


Where we Work

We work to reach as many communities as possible across our watershed.  Through various projects, our work even takes us to neighbouring watersheds!
This map tracks where we have had education or outreach events since March 2011. 

View Visit Tracking in a larger map

Green=Caring for our Watersheds Contest related
Purple=Community Involvement
Blue= Youth/Special Activity
Yellow= Special Event
Pink=Watershed Management Planning Meeting